“I am an elderly lady and for years have tried different hearing aids with unhappy results. But decided to try one more time. I chose Beltone at Murray, Kentucky. It was the best decision I’ve made. I’m so pleased with Beltone and hear so well even beyond my expectation. The fact that I can adjust my own hearing aid to my desire of hearing without going back for the computer to do so, is a plus. I truly recommend Beltone to anyone with hearing loss.”

Dolly Verzi


“As a former music teacher and piano technician, it was devastating to know I was losing my hearing. However, with the help of Mr. Hurley and Beltone technology, I can now hear all of those sounds I once enjoyed. My new hearing aids are music to my ears! With my hearing loss it was frustrating not to enjoy conversations with friends and family. But now, I can hear and participate wearing my new Beltone hearing aids thanks to Mr. Hurley and Beltone technology.”

Richard Blish


“I have severe hearing loss in the high frequencies. My Beltone hearing aids have improved my quality of life dramatically by giving me back a high percentage of my hearing. The problem I had experienced was in watching TV and not understanding a lot of key words, thus making it hard for me to keep up with my favorite shows. Even with the volume turned up louder, I still missed a lot, plus it created a problem with my wife because the TV was too loud for her. Since you told me about the Direct Line TV Link, I have been using it with great success. It beams the signal directly to my hearing aids. This allows me to adjust the volume with my hearing aid remote and gives my wife the ability to set the TV volume to her comfort zone.

I am an early riser and with the TV link, I can watch TV directly through my hearing aids with no external sound coming from the TV. This also works if I cannot sleep at night. This allows my wife to sleep, and she never knows I am up!

I would highly recommend Beltone hearing aids and their accessories to anyone having the same problems I have had.”

William “Mike” Gilmore


“A few years ago, I was diagnosed with partial hearing loss. I tried some name brand hearing aids, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, I saw a Beltone Hearing Aid slogan “Helping the world hear better.” After consulting with the Beltone hearing professionals, I was fit with hearing aids and have been completely satisfied. The Beltone Hearing Instrument Specialist, Adam Tudor, not only effectively fits the hearing aids, but continues to take care of your needs by using the latest technology. I would certainly recommend Beltone to anyone for their hearing needs.

Bryce Roberts


I am very satisfied with my new hearing aids. I can hear 90% better. I can now hear birds singing and airplanes going over my house. People in a crowded room are much easier to hear and understand. I wear my hearing aids 15 hours a day. My TV does not have to be as loud. I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves, and I am now able to hear on the phone. The staff at Beltone made my wife and I feel welcome and are very knowledgeable about their product.”

Delmar Adkins, 71 – Lives in Utica, KY


Princeton is so lucky to have one of their own to offer friendly and sincere services to people with hearing loss. I am talking about Jan McNeeley at Beltone Hearing Aid Service at 327 South Jefferson, Princeton. She was able to help me with my hearing problem as well as my 90 year old mother. Jan is very professional and caring. I highly recommend her.”

Steve Boaz


I have been a customer of Beltone, in Princeton, KY for several years. The quality of their service is excellent. Mrs. Jan McNeeley, the manager of Beltone in Princeton, KY, will do everything she can to ensure your satisfaction with your Beltone hearing aid. If you are having problems with your hearing, make an appointment with Mrs. McNeeley. You will be glad that you did.”

Barbara Curry


“I always felt I was a normal person…until:

  • Most everyone I knew seemed to not speak clearly
  • My family and friends begin to mumble and chew their words
  • My favorite music began to sound differently
  • And I began to withdraw and isolate myself

What was happening to me? And to my friends and family? Numerous times in a conversation I asked repeatedly “What did you say?” “I did not understand.” Could it be me? Then I realized I might be in denial. I was blaming others. I was so frustrated. They just were not speaking clearly. And then, I realized it was me. I could not hear. I had a disability. Owning up to this fact has been hard for me.

I had just been nominated to become President of the Heartland Homeowners Association and I realized if I were to be successful I had to take charge of this disability. So, I went to Beltone. I was so nervous. I knew I was going to fail the tests. Adam Tudor made me feel comfortable and assured me that I was not failing, that I was a winner. I was doing something about my situation. Just as my husband and I suspected, I had severe hearing loss. Adam told me that if I had gotten tests sooner that they would have aided me in suppressing the growth of hearing loss. If only I had done that.

Beltone services my hearing aids at no charge as often as needed. Making Beltone my hearing center was the best decision I have ever made. I am made to feel safe, cared for and I was not treated as if I were different. Beltone fitted me with a set of True 17 hearing aids. They are so comfortable I hardly know that I am wearing them. And, you can not see them. I like that. Walking out of the office after receiving my hearing aids was if I were reborn, alive. I could hear musical tones, birds, traffic, my husband, family and friends, the wind and those are the most wonderful sounds in the world. I challenge you, yes you, to call Beltone. Their number is 270-926-6822, talk to Kathy their receptionist. She will make an appointment for you that I guarantee will change your life. It certainly has mine.”

B. Ingram